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Little Lambs NPO

ICW are proud to be sponsors of Little Lambs NPO and in particular their Sponsored Girls Project.

The main objective of this project is to deliver to each girl at Inkwenkwenzi High school Du Noon, a pack with sanitary pads, basic toiletries and an extra “gift” on a monthly basis.

These girls come from very disadvantaged backgrounds, not having the basic essentials at their disposal. They live in dire conditions and we support Little Lambs in doing what we can to ensure that they attend and complete their schooling.

Educational talks, upliftment projects, community clean ups, motivational, inspirational talks and a variety of other activities are included in this programme in order for the girls to understand that everything is earned, and simultaneously they gain insight into concepts beyond the basic educational programme.

This is just one of Little Lambs Projects. More information is available on their website www.littlelambsnpo.org or facebook page https://www.facebook.com/littlelambsnpo or instagram page @littlelambsnpo

Below are thank you letters from two of the girls supported by ICW on a monthly basis through Little Lambs